About Shiba Qatar WC

What is the best aspect of gambling? Yes, you bet it! It’s Winning!

Over #53 billion was made from gambling in the US in 2021, and this doesn’t even account for all the gambling done in cryptocurrency or outside of casinos or sports betting apps. The number of people who use professional handicappers, also known as professional bettors, to purchase sports picks is rapidly increasing. There are also high-end gambling funds, but their minimum investments are frequently over $100,000 USD. So Shiba Qatar WC is offering everyone the opportunity to make any size investment in a gambling fund managed by the top handicappers in the industry! Many sportsbooks won’t even accept their bets due to how good these professionals are!

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Pre Sale and Airdrop ends in

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges at January 25, 2023. Listing Price: $SQC = $45.67


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Claim 1500 $SQC for the first 10,000 people.


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Buy 0.01 BNB = 22,000 $SQC

Buy 10 BNB = 2,222,200 $SQC


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Referral to get 50% BNB + 80% $SQC per Airdrop and Buy. Referral Have NO LIMIT !

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Shiba Qatar WC is proud to present our unique governance token $SQW. A SQW token, a BEP20-based security token, is a digital asset purpose-built for our platform. SQW tokens are a payment method, a means for investors to receive rewards from liquidity and affiliate programs, and a way to exercise voting rights.

Token Name - Shiba Qatar WC
Token Symbol - $SQC
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply -
Network - Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0x4E19d165c3E8bc609C45fFc579ac713eEA224fd3

Is my money safe with you?

At Shiba Qatar WC, all customer deposits are held in an insured escrow account, either in SQW or other cryptocurrencies. Your deposit is fully secured and available for withdrawal on a daily basis, with prompt payouts within 24-48 hours. All online transactions are coded and encrypted for your protection.


Holder Benefits

Before going public, the Shiba Qatar World Cup will start on a limited scale. Following the pre-sale, 50% of the revenues will be used to expand the fund in the most transparent way possible.RIF protects holders from a sudden market crash, maintains long-term stability, and future expansion of Qatar World Cup Finance, and minimizes the risk of price reductions. As a result, stake rewards are distributed to holders every 1 minute making it less risky